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Why Electric Bikes are Great for Older People

by Rick Robson 06 Mar 2024
Why Electric Bikes are Great for Older People


Electric bikes have become more popular in recent years due to the array of benefits they offer. E-Bikes provide a level of assisted power which allows all riders of any age and experience to ride with relative ease, this is particularly useful for the older generation.

Health benefits

Electric bikes can offer significant health benefits for senior-aged people. Riding an E-Bike is a great, fun option, which can help actually improve cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular health becomes more important as you grow older. One compelling reason why riding an E-Bike is good for you is that they are equipped with a clever pedal assist system. This technology can assist to the right level to suit all riders. This allows older riders the added confidence to go the extra distance and to ride more often. Riders can pedal at their own pace and if they start to get tired, they can adjust the assistance level for more help, to ensure they finish their ride with relative ease.

Brighter Outlook

As well as cardiovascular health, E-Bike riding is great for the mental health benefits you can gain. As we all get older, the less stress the better, and bike riding is great at reducing this. It’s one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. The rider’s elevated heart rate will be continual throughout the ride and increase the blood flow through the body; this is proven to reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol and also increases the production of endorphins. Fresh air, exercise and having a fresh perspective on life from a bike, is also a 100% guaranteed recipe for better sleep and a brighter outlook on life.  

Why Ride?

While older people can get many of these health benefits from regular walking, riding a bike reduces the amount of strain on joints. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies become less supple and it can be hard to keep as mobile and flexible as we once were. Riding an E-Bike can hugely improve this. The levels of assistance on an E-Bike will reduce the physical effort you put into it, to a level which the rider is comfortable with. This reduced joint pressure will allow you to enjoy riding without stresses on the lower back, knees, hips and ankles.

Getting Around

Using an E-Bike for short trips is more convenient and accessible than you might think. Riding a E-Bike makes getting from A to B easier and less stressful. Driving as you get older can become mentally draining, but riding can transform these problem trips into fun adventures! You won’t have to worry about parking, waiting for public transport, or the impact of all those short cars journeys (which are bad for car engines) and also the waste fuel and money. E-Bikes offer a practical mode of transport, which also makes people healthier and happier. There is no better option for short journeys to see friends, run errands, or travel to local destinations.


Easy Charging

Electric bikes are easy to charge. Just plug the bike into a standard plug socket and the battery will charge. Charge times vary, but most are charged within a couple of hours. Depending on when you charge and your electricity provider tariff, the cost of a full charge could be a few dollars per year, or even free with solar. This simple process is an easy habit to get into when you make regular use of your E-Bike for short drips on a daily basis. With multiple short trips, most batteries would need charging once a week or less.

Easy to Use

A great feature electric bikes have which older people can benefit from is the user-friendly technology. E-Bikes come with easy-to-use control panel which display vital information such as battery state of charge, speed, distance and assistance level. These displays are designed for easy visibility and operation, this makes them ideal for the older generation. 

Are E-Bikes Safe?

So, we know the health benefits which are achievable, and how convenient E-Bikes are. What about safety?  Now, safety is paramount when it comes to electric bikes, especially for older riders.

There are two broad elements to E-Bike safety. Firstly, with regard to batteries. There has been a lot of focus in the mainstream media about E-Bike and scooter battery fires. However, these are largely associated with adapted, home made or cheaply made batteries. It is vital to make sure your e-bike is sourced from a company or brand which uses high quality cells in their battery packs (such as REV Bikes). The use of higher quality, branded cells (Panasonic, Sanyo and LG) generally indicates than the battery pack will be of a higher quality than one produced more cheaply using random unknown cells. It is also extremely important to stick to manufacturers guidance when it comes to charging and looking after the battery.

Secondly, If you are an older person beginning to ride an electric bike for the first time, it’s important to be aware of the rules which apply where you ride.  Obviously, you must comply with the same traffic rules and regulations which apply to all road users. Riding on shared paths and bike paths also needs caution around other path users, particularly other riders, dogs and other animals if you ride in non-urban areas. If you ride on roads or shared paths, have a bell fitted and wear a helmet – it is a legal requirement.

Will an E-Bike make me lazy?

No! Because E-Bikes make riding easier, they tend to get used more often. None- electric bikes take much more effort and motivation to be used on a regular basis, this is why many end up collecting dust in the garage. This required effort and motivation only increases as we age, so the sooner you start riding an E-Bike, the more use you will get from it. The ease of use and enjoyment from riding is enough to keep most older riders getting out on their E-Bike.

First Steps

If you haven’t done much bike riding since you were a youngster, practice riding in an empty car park or quiet bike path to begin to get accustomed to riding again. Practice riding in a straight line, cornering and riding with one hand while indicating. Once you are accustomed to how your bike feels and how assistance ‘kicks in’, you may well feel confident and ready for more trips. Try to make use of bike lanes and shared use paths if they are available where you live. If there are no bike lanes or shared use paths, try to use quiet residential roads rather than busy roads with fast flowing traffic, even if the trip is a little longer. As well as being safer, bike paths and quiet routes offer a much more enjoyable and stress-free riding experience. Even experienced long-term riders try to avoid higher risk routes.

Look at Me

Making sure other road users can see you is also important for rider safety. Wearing brighter clothing and using lights, particularly on gloomy days and the time around dawn and dusk, will also help keep you more visible and safe. Many E-Bikes feature lights which are built in to the electrical system of the bike, which is another benefit and takes away the need to change batteries or keep lights charged.

Join Us!

E-Bikes offer a great deal of benefits for older people, particularly for short trips, as well as many health benefits. However, It is very important that if you speak to your Medical Practitioner before you begin your E-Bike journey. Particularly if have certain health conditions, such as balance issues or heart problems.


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