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THE Best E-Bike Batteries?

by Rick Robson 06 Mar 2024
REV Bikes Battery


As with most things in life, when it comes to e-bike batteries, you get pretty much what you pay for. Better batteries tend to cost a little bit more money but usually offer increased lifespan and better performance throughout that lifespan..

But what makes a better e-bike battery?

Here at Rev Bikes we have been in the e-bike battery world for almost 15 years. during this time we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to e-bike batteries. If you are looking to replace a battery or considering a new bike or conversion, here are a few pointers for choosing a safe, reliable, long-lasting battery.

Once you have worked out the specification you need, these are the most important aspects to consider.


Battery packs are made up from groups of cells. Well known manufacturers tend to be the most reliable. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic tend to offer better longevity and performance. However, cells are not the only thing to consider…

Tab Welding

The connections between cells are vital to the good operation of batteries. Poor quality tab welding can diminish performance and range of the battery, reduce its mechanical strength and lower its thermal efficiency. Poor quality tab welding can potentially cause safety issues.

BMS / Circuit Board

The quality of the BMS / circuit board is a vital aspect of the e-bike battery. There are good and bad circuit board manufacturers. Some are more dependable than others. But, generally speaking, the better BMS systems will use higher-quality components and have a longer track record of reliable performance.  Cheap batteries feature cheap BMS circuit boards. The battery management system in an e-bike battery is vital. A BMS which cuts out charging when one cell group reaches the upper charge voltage will protect the whole pack. The BMS has always been a part of any decent quality lithium battery.

Fuse Protection

A fuse before the BMS protects it from failure in the event of a short. Fuses are a cheap and relatively easy replacement. Batteries with an ‘electronic fuse’ in the BMS cost more to repair in the event of an issue. Fuses may be viewed by some as ‘old tech’, but they are reliable and cheap to fix. If a fuse blows, it is obvious something has failed. It is a safe, reliable extra layer of protection. If something just works, why change?


For batteries which have more than 2 pins in use are usually set up using CAN (Controller Area Network) serial Bus protocol. The CAN Bus was originally developed by Bosch for use within the EV / electric traction market. The BMS needs to be specific to connect and work with the motor. This makes repair difficult or impossible. This is also something to seriously consider when buying a full bike which may need a new battery in the future.

Rev Bikes Batteries

Here at REV bikes, we have long established relationships with the best e-bike battery manufacturers in the world. They manufacture batteries with cells produced by Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo and LG.

To get the maximum lifespan, performance and safety from your e-bike battery, always take care of the battery and follow manufacturer guidelines at all times. Looking after your e-bike battery will result in improved long-term performance.

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