Battery Capacity

There are a few choices when it comes to batteries. Does your bike's motor need a 36v or 48v battery? How far are you regular rides? How often do you want to recharge?

Working out Range

To get an idea of the time you can ride for on a charge, we can do some basic electrical maths, helped by the WVA Triangle!

So, a 36v 10ah battery should give 360 watt hours, and if you are riding at 200watts, this will last for under 2 hours. Keep in mind there will also be some left-over power that the battery won’t use, to preserve itself. So you might want to presume about 1.5 hours of riding without pedalling. If we presume we are applying an equal amount of power as the motor through pedalling, we can double this, which should get the average person about 3 hours per charge, or somewhere around 60kms at an average speed of 20km/h (on the flat).

If you need to use two batteries we have a specially designed and manufactured Dual Battery Unit which allows two batteries to be used either consecutively or at the same time. Ideal for those longer trips, allowing you to venture much further from home.

Battery Care

Many suppliers don’t provide any instructions on looking after batteries, or people don’t read them. Our Battery Guide is available here . There are several important factors which determine how long your pack will last. Here are a few important rules which are helpful to remember:

* Always turn the battery/motor OFF when you are not using it

* Charge up your battery to 90% rather than 100% as often as possible

* Avoid running right down to totally empty

* Keep it out of extreme temperatures - over 30, or under 5 degrees

* If not using it for a while, store it at half charge. Push some charge into the battery every 3 months.

* When out riding, if your pack is so low that the controller cuts power, be sure to limp home with minimal or no assistance, rather than continuing to squeeze every last drop out of the pack.

Caring for your battery will maximise its life, and will save HUNDREDS of dollars, through looking after it properly. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy from a quality battery pack will help you sleep at night, especially when it’s on charge in your garage!

Download a printable PDF Frame Battery size template here.