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The Best Bike Rides in Victoria

by Rick Robson 06 Mar 2024
The Best Bike Rides in Victoria

Bike riding in Victoria offers a very wide range of diverse riding options; from the high mountains of the Victorian Alps, to serene coastal beach trails, city commuter routes to woodland mountain bike parks. Whatever your reason to be on a bike or e-bike and whatever type of riding you choose to do, there are some truly world class riding opportunities within the state of Victoria. Whether you're into fitness and training, family rides or multiday ride - tours, you’ve in the right place!

This blog post provides a snapshot of some of the many highlights when it comes to bike riding around Victoria. The range of choice is huge, depending largely on what type of riding you are looking for. However, in this modern era, wherever you find yourself in our diverse state, enter each paragraph title below into Google to find the best options near to where you are – Let technology guide you to the best local routes for you!

Shared Paths

Shared paths offer car-free riding that’s perfect for casual or family riding to check out new areas. They are also great for a local commute to work or the station. These sometimes run alongside rivers and beaches making them beautiful places to ride. 'Melbourne Bike Grid Map' is a useful resource for finding shared use paths around Melbourne.

Hotspots: Merri Creek Trail, Main Yarra Trail, Peninsula Link Trail 

Mountain Bike Trails

There are more and more MTB trails opening up in Victoria. Mountain biking is a great mix of skills, fun and fitness – all in the great outdoors. Most purpose-built MTB Trail sites feature a range of graded runs from white / green through to black / double black diamond – depending on your preferences and abilities. Websites such as are a vital resource for finding the best nearby routes for you. There are some outstanding MTB trails in Victoria.

Hotspots: Forrest, Bright, Orbost, Falls Creek, Arthurs Seat, Lysterfield, Creswick, Bendigo

Rail Trails

Making great use of former rail routes, rail trails are generally pretty flat and usually have a fairly smooth gravel surface. Rail trails are ideal for a weekend trip, family adventure rides or getting to know a new area. Rail Trails are disused railway lines that have been converted into car-free shared paths. They featured some magnificent bridges, cuttings and original platforms which offer a glimpse back in time. These days, they are used by bike riders, runners, walkers and horse riders. They are ideal for longer rides between towns and are a great resource for many types of riders, especially those keen to cover more distance while riding off road.

Hotspots: Lilydale – Warburton, Ballarat – Skipton, Geelong – Queenscliffe, The Great Victorian – (Tallarook – Mansfield), The Great Southern – (Nyora to Port Welshpool) East Gippsland (Bairnsdale - Orbost) Old Beechy (Colac – Ferguson)

Road Cycling Routes

Road cycling routes can attract more road cyclists than cars on early weekend mornings. The easiest  way to find the best routes near you is with apps like Strava (Heat Maps) or Link My Ride or through Facebook Groups such as ‘People who ride bikes‘, or by asking at a local bike shop — they’re always keen to help!

Hotspots: Beach Road, Dandenongs, The High Country (Bright & surrounds), Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong – Ballerine Peninsula, Great Ocean Road,

Wherever you ride and whatever type of riding you do, Victoria is lucky to have the diversity and range of riding opportunities to keep all bike riders happy.

Enjoy Your Ride! 


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