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Max Your E-Bike Range!

by Rick Robson 28 Dec 2023
Max Your E-Bike Range!

If you find yourself in a position where you have to ride a little further than usual, but you are a little concerned due to battery-range limits or if you would just like your e-bike riding to be more efficient, there are a few factors which you need to be aware of.


Range Influencers

There are a several influencers of battery range, these are similar to the factors affecting fuel economy in a car. Once you are aware of what these are, making some tiny changes can add up to some extra ‘Free!’ battery range… 

  • Temperature
  • Terrain
  • Stop / Start Accelerations
  • Weight
  • Aerodynamics
  • Mechanical efficiency


Tips for Maximising Range

Love Your Battery

Store your e-bike battery indoors and try to ride when the temperature is not too hot or cold. This is because, like us humans, an e-bike battery prefers to work in a medium temperature range – not too hot or cold. If you commute to your employment, don't forget to take the battery with you into workplace if possible.

Dodge Hills

To maximise range, avoid routes which go directly over hills and mountains. Valley roads and trails are better for lower power use. You also get great views from the valleys 😊. Smoother road or trail surfaces means less rolling resistance for tyres and a more pleasant ride, try to pick a smoother route – if you can.

Keep Moving

Reduce the start/stop. If you are approaching a red light, coast to a stop, this gives the lights time to change. Keeping moving saves on power, try not to brake when you don't need to. When starting from stationary, try to use more leg power to reduce heavy demand on the battery.

Save Weight

Heavy bags and additional loads affect the range of your e-bike battery. The heavier the total weight, the shorter the range. If you are planning a longer trip, think carefully about what you actually need and leave none essentials at home.


The biggest influencer on power required at any given speed is aerodynamics. However! Most bike riders also like to be comfortable while riding and feel safe – riding in an optimised aerodynamic position can reduce comfort, enjoyment and can even impact safety. The good news is that small changes, such as zipping up that big flappy jacket can make an impact on battery range over a longer distance.

Bike Maintenance

There are several aspects of mechanical efficiency which you as an e-bike rider have full control over. Firstly, a clean lubricated drivetrain requires less power from the rider / battery compared to a dry or dirty one. Wash and degrease the chain and cassette before adding a small amount of lubrication – watch our Youtube video here.

Tyres need to be kept at the recommended pressure. Under-inflated tyres offer far greater rolling resistance – this needs more power to overcome. Over-inflated tyres can be uncomfortable and jarring to ride, and also risk more punctures. Stick to the manufacturer recommended pressures and check every few weeks.

Another pointless and easily avoidable ‘power-drain’ is catching brakes. If your bike’s brake pads or blocks are catching rotors or rims, you are reducing your e-bike range and efficiency. A service can fix this issue easily, or check out our blog ‘5 Tips for Home E-Bike Service’ for fixing catching brakes.

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