Starting With The Right Bike

If you are wanting to convert your own bike, that’s great! While almost any bike can be converted to electric, there are a few important considerations to consider before you start the process.

Rack Mount

If you are mounting a rack battery (usually for step-through style bikes, or cruisers), you will need some holes near the rear dropouts, and also on the seat stays, to bolt the rack legs and arms to. Mounting here causes the weight to be a bit high, which can affect handling, especially on bikes with a lot of flex. But sometimes there is just no alternative (not enough space in the triangle of the frame).Our rack batteries come complete with a rack which is still usable for other things on top, the battery slides in and out (and locks in of course). We also offer a handy bag with fold-out panniers which can be mounted on top of the rack, making the battery more subtle, while giving you great luggage space.

Frame Mount

Great for keeping the weight more central, better balance and weight distribution. For our frame- mounting batteries, it’s easiest if you have lugs on the frame which are designed for the water bottle holder, the bracket can usually screw straight into those. Sometimes to get the correct positioning, you will need to drill an extra hole into the frame (we use Rivnuts). Most bike shops could do this for a small fee.

If you require longer-range or specially shaped batteries, contact us for a quote.

Battery Bag

Some bikes are best suited to a battery bag. For example, on full suspension MTB's or smaller frames with limited space inside the main triangle, battery bags can provide an ideal solution, particularly if the bike doesn't suit a rack battery. Battery bags just look like regular saddle or top-tube bags, this keeps your bike looking more like a stock standard, regular bike - for those who prefer stealthy power! Bags are also lighter in weight and designed to keep the battery safe and protected.
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