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Time for a Service...

by Rick Robson 05 Dec 2023
Time for a Service...

To ensure your electric bike’s ongoing reliability and to provide a smooth and reliable ride, regular servicing is vital. Rev Bikes have been in the E-bike business nearly 15 years. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your e-bike in great shape.

Follow our checklist below to discover if your e-bike needs a service. Regular servicing can help reduce ongoing costs – small issues can escalate into bigger issues quickly, so book your e-bike in for a service today and get that new bike feeling back!

Reduced Range

If you have a noticeable decrease in your e-bike's range, it may be a sign that it needs a service. Reduced battery performance could be caused by lots of things, from ageing battery cells, hap-hazard charging, or an issue with the battery management system. At Rev Bikes, a qualified technician can diagnose the issue and determine if the battery requires replacement or if other components need adjustment. We can complete a battery health test to determine the current state of your e-bike’s battery.

Bad Vibes or Weird Sounds

Any new noises or vibrations while riding your electric bike need investigating. They can be a sign of mechanical issues. Any unusual grinding, buzzing, squeaking, or clicking sounds, as well as vibrations felt through your contact points or drivetrain need to be investigated. A Rev e-bike service will address any potential issues and prevent any further damage.

Inconsistent Power

Inconsistent power assist from your electric bike, may be a sign there could be an issue with the motor or the electrical system. If you have suffered an unexplainable loss of power, patchy assistance, or delayed response while engaging the pedal-assist or applying the throttle – book your e-bike in for a service.

Braking Bad?

One of the worst things you can do is ignore issues with your bike’s braking. Brakes are a critical safety component and vital for effective and safe control of your e-bike. If you notice braking has changed, whether it’s spongy or unresponsive brakes, our service team will diagnose and fix any issues quickly.

Electrical Issues

Components such as the display panel, wiring, connectors and sensors can get damaged through regular use. Issues such as a blank or flickering display, error codes, or inconsistent readings, all could indicate a problem with the electrical system. At Rev Bikes we have the necessary testing equipment and knowledge to pinpoint and correct any issues with your e-bike’s electrical system.

Worn Components

When you clean your e-bike, have a check of components for signs of wear and tear. Critical safety components such as tyres and brakes need to be in good condition. Any cuts in tyre tread could cause issues, a worn tread layer could result in more punctures. Loose spokes in hub motor wheels can quickly result in an unsafe, buckled wheel.

E-bike drivetrain components can wear more quickly on e-bikes if they are not looked after. If changing gear has become noisier or a little ‘hit and miss’, this could be because of excessive wear on drivetrain components. Keeping components such as derailleurs well-adjusted will reduce wear and tear on drivetrain components.

The best way to ensure long life for drivetrain is to keep it clean and lubricated. Each minute of riding results in around 30’000 metal-on-metal movements in a bike chain alone – keeping it clean and lubricated makes reduces wear and makes the chain’s job much easier. 

Protect Your Investment

A regular service for your e-bike is the best protection for your 2-wheeled investment. Maximising the lifespan of each component keeps running costs minimal and ensures your safety on the roads, paths and trails.


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