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5 Top E-Bike Accessories

by Rick Robson 27 Dec 2023
5 Top E-Bike Accessories

There are many accessories which are ideal for e-bikes. These little additions can make your e-bike riding easier, safer and more comfortable. Here is our selection on five of the best.

Gaadi Tubes – Hub Motor Bikes

If you ride a hub motor e-bike, make sure you have a Gaadi inner tube, just in-case your bike suffers a puncture. Gaadi tubes are split so they can be installed without removing the wheel. This simple yet ingenious solution makes gets around the number one issue with hub motors – They can be a pain if you have to remove the hub motor wheel to replace an inner tube. The good news is, if you puncture your hub motor wheel’s tyre, you can easily pop the tyre off using tyre levers, chop the current punctured inner tube, pull it out and fit a Gaadi tube without removing the wheel.

For none hub motor riders, who just really hate getting a flat tyre, reduce your chances by replacing your tyres. as they wear thinner and also consider thicker, thorn-proof inner tubes.

Comfortable Saddles & Suspension Seat Posts.

These are two straight-forward options for adding comfort into your ride. If you find your current saddle comfortable but would prefer a smoother ride, then a suspension seat post could make all the difference. Those small, jarring vibrations can cause discomfort particularly riding rougher surfaces over a period of time. The elastomer in a suspension seat post helps reduce the vibrations and smooth out the ride feal. On the other hand, if you have never ‘got-on-with’ your bike saddle, it could be a great upgrade to bring enjoyment back to bike riding. However, don’t assume a well upholstered saddle is going to be comfier for you and how you ride. Saddle comfort is very personal and also depends on your anatomy and riding position on the bike. That said, for most people, extra padding, and even springs, can make for a much more comfortable ride experience.   


If you are regularly finishing your ride looking much less clean then when you set out, it could be time to consider mudguards. If you live in a part of Australia with unpredictable ‘Melbourne Style’ weather, mudguards do a great job of stopping road and trail dirt and grime becoming ingrained into your clothing. The spray from the rear wheel can be particularly annoying, and lets face it, it’s not a great look to have a large patch of filth on your lower-back & seating area…  Front wheel spray can also be a nuisance particularly if you have a mid-drive E-Bike and have to ride in the rain. Front wheel spray often hits the motor and connecters. While sealing and weather proofing is good on most systems, why not reduce the chance of spray effecting your pride and joy?   


If you have ever had a bike or e-bike stolen you will 100% know the value of a good dependable lock. A good lock can make your e-bike more difficult (and usually too much effort) for a potential thief to bother with. If you have to lock up your bike somewhere where it is out of your sight, make sure it’s somewhere with lots of people passing by or even better, under the watchful eye of a CCTV camera. If you are locking your e-bike, remember to take your battery with you, or at the very least, make sure it is locked. Batteries are often the single most expensive part of an e-bike. Protect them!

Check out our recent blog  - 'The Do's & 'Don'ts of Locking Your E-Bike' here


Riding in traffic can be a little daunting at times. Fitting a mirror can reduce this anxiety and allow you to know what’s going on behind you as you ride along. Mirrors are also useful for those who ride on quieter roads, allowing more warning of vehicles approaching from behind. As well as safety, mirrors are also essential for correcting your ‘helmet hair’ when you arrive at that social gathering…

We all know that E-Bikes are great, but adding the right accessories to your e-bike can make it safer, easier to live with, or just plain-old more enjoyable.

We are all-for more enjoyable bike riding at Rev Bikes!

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