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5 Tips for E-bike Home Maintenance

by Rick Robson 30 Nov 2023
5 Tips for E-bike Home Maintenance

We all know e-bikes are great. However, did you know you can keep your e-bike running as efficiently as possible and in tip-top condition with just a few minutes of attention every few weeks?

Here are our tips for keeping your e-bike performing at its best.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your e-bike clean is really important. It is very hard to spot potentially serious issues such as cracks or other damage when the bike is coated in crusty dirt and grime. Don’t be put off cleaning your e-bike because of the electrical components and wiring, use common sense and don’t use a high-powered pressure washer directly into electrical components.

Watch our E-bike Cleaning video below.  


As well as regular cleaning, the drivetrain components (Chain, Cassette, Derailleurs and Chainrings) need a little extra attention to maximise their lifespan and efficiency. Don’t fall into the trap of just adding more lubrication to the chain. Firstly, wash the drivetrain components and then use a degreaser spray and brush to clean the cassette, chain, derailleur jockey wheels and chainring. Rinse off all the gunky mess and then when the chain is dry, apply lubrication such as a chain dry lube sparingly on the chain. Dry lubes are best if you ride mainly in dry conditions, if you ride a lot in the rain, use a wet lube.


Maximising battery life should be a routine / on-going thing. Keeping your battery in stable temperatures, not too hot or cold – will help maximise it’s life. Don’t leave the battery outside in all conditions. If the battery is not being used, don’t store it full or empty, somewhere mid charge is best.


Keeping tyres at the manufacturer recommended pressure can make a world of difference to your riding. Properly inflated tyres can add kilometers to your battery range, improve grip and comfort whilst also minimising the risk of punctures. Go on, give your tyres a little squeeze now and again… Check recommended pressures on the tyre’s sidewall. Invest in a pump with a gauge. As well as pressure, check for cuts in the tyre tread, any sizeable cuts could likely lead to needing a replacement tyre. As tyres wear, their tread layer gets thinner and you are more likely to have punctures. Less tread layer also means less grip and more chance of losing traction – keep an eye on your e-bike tyres.


Check cables or hydraulic hoses to make sure they have no damage. Make sure the brake pads are not touching the rotors (or rims on rim brake bikes) – you will hear them catching if you spin the wheel and listen. If they are catching on a disc brake bike, loosen the caliper mounting bolts, apply and hold the brake while re-tightening the mounting bolts, this should re-center the pads to the rotor. If pads are catching rims on a rim brake bike, you may need the wheel truing.

Get in the habit of giving your e-bike a check over to protect your two-wheeled  investment. Unlike some habits, this one will likely save you money!

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