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Saddle Height Right?

by Rick Robson 27 Dec 2023
Saddle Height Right?

Here at Rev Bikes we all have one thing in common: We all want a better way to ride over the hills and along the valleys of life. However, beyond this we are all completely different, just like our customers – we are definitely unique.

We convert e-bikes for people from all walks of life, from young to old and with all levels of mobility. Everybody is different and we all have different needs from our e-bikes. Another area in which we are different is our height and the way we fit our bikes.


The height and position of your bike’s saddle affects everything from your pedaling efficiency (think more battery range) to your posture and comfort. If it’s not the right height, it can interfere with not only the enjoyment but the safety of your rides. So naturally, this is one key aspect of bike riding we want to get right. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you're riding with the correct saddle height and how to adjust it if you’re not.

Your seat height

There are several methods to determine the correct saddle position for maximum pedaling efficiency, comfort and safety. One is the Hamley Method. To start, you need to determine your inseam (the distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg). Then it’s time to do a bit of work on the calculator, as it recommends that your bike seat height should be 109 percent of your inseam. You can also find bike seat height calculators online that will do the calculation for you. 

Greg Knows

Another way to find your right saddle height is the LeMond Method. Greg LeMond was a legendary bike racer who won the Tour De France, then nearly died from gun-shot wounds, then won the Tour De France 2 more times! Greg knows a lot about pedaling efficiency and he produces his own range of bikes. The LeMond method—has you multiply your inseam by 0.883 to determine the distance there should be from the top of your saddle to the middle of your bottom bracket axle.

Small Change

If you have been riding your bike quite happily with your saddle height too low, you need to decide whether the extra efficiency is worth adapting your bike fit for? While it's often said "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", extra efficiency can be worthwhile too, particularly if you want to eek-out extra range from your e-bike battery. With any bike fit / riding position changes, make a series of small incremental changes between rides and keep checking you are comfortable and safe while riding.


If you are keen to maximise your comfort on your bike, check our page on Adjusting Your E-Bike - here.

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