Guides for DIY Install

Electric bikes are great, however they can potentially have very serious consequences from a botched install, unsafe wiring, or mechanical shortcomings.

The main reason is that in 2018, we realised that 90% of our warranty claims were coming from just 5% of our business: that being the DIY installers. It seemed that many people fitting systems at home either underestimated the work involved, or didn’t have the right tools and were improvising, to the detriment of the build.

Largely because of this, we started including Professional Installation in our pricing, and also training more mechanics to install for our customers. We didn’t sell any kits for DIY install between 2018 and 2023. We preferred to organise Supported Install Days for those who like to be involved in the build, as well as Full Professional Installs for those who didn’t.

However, from 2024 we will be offering DIY kits for self-installation. In addition, we are offering a ‘DIY Plus’ option, this will provide additional phone / email support if needed. We would urge customers to be realistic in assessing their mechanical & electrical skillset, and be sure that they have the necessary tools for a safe and successful install. Please be aware, with DIY Install’s there are limitations to the system warranty (with no extended 2 year warranty offered), as outlined below: