I’ve been for a 6km test ride earlier today, recharged. Then a 13km test ride tonight, used 3AH and used it harder than I needed too for commuting. Fantastic little motor, can cruise at 200w and then it pulls up to 1200w going up hills. From how I feel it seems to take 2/3’s of the effort out of riding, so the 25km ride to work should be easy.

..The ride today went well, Blackburn North to Collingwood, cruised in at 30kph max and used 4AH to travel 22km in 52 minutes. Trip home is steeper, same distance 6AH in 56 minutes, average speed on the computer was 28kph with a max of 47kph (with pedalling in top gear on the flat).  I may have had a faster average this morning but did not notice the function on the computer until tonight.

My best times riding in without the motor were 45 minutes going hard and 75 minutes home, so it is definitely faster. Noticed the Cycle Analyst has a total distance tracker, up to 66km already for 15AH, pretty cool device.

The recharge is pretty quick the 60% usage only took 2 hours to charge up tonight.

The cruise control is pretty good, set it at 30kph and noticed it varied the power from 50 to 200 watts depending on pedalling and hills… overall I am pretty pleased.


Hugh, Melbourne


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