1000w Grunt Kit

If you are looking to travel at about 50km/h, with pedalling being basically optional even on the steepest of hills, the 1000w kit is ideal.  Of course, you won't look or feel road-legal, but obviously that's not what you're after! ;P

Supplied in rear wheel only (strongest part of the bike) for 135mm dropouts, this motor has a subtle matt black finish, mounted into a top-quality Alex double-wall rim, using 12G stainless silver spokes.  Total wheel weight 7.4kg, so about 6kg more than a standard wheel.  Motor is 24cm in diameter, and Anderson plugs are provided for phase wires to controller.

A powerful 48v 13.2ah lithium rack battery (OR optional frame-mounting battery - call for details) is supplied with this kit, designed to mount over the rear wheel, with a controller box at front of the rack.  The height of the rack is adjustable with the side struts, and a key is used to lock it in and turn it on.  Weight including the rack is 7kg, and it is ALL BLACK.  This battery is super light for it's range and punch, by utilising the most energy dense packs available for e-bikes..  Lithium NMC chemistry (Nickel Manganese Cobalt), Samsung 22P cells.  We get a range of 30-80kms on this system, range is extended by utilising the pedelec efficiently.  2A charger included.

Balance of kit includes the 25A controller, our upgraded LCD3 display (showing everything from wattage, voltage, speed, distance, temperature, etc..), thumb throttle (twist or half-twist available on request), regen / cutout brake levers (sensors available on request), pedelec sensor, and torque bars for extra security in the dropouts.   Total kit weight is about 15kg.

48v electric lights and other acessories are also available from the Accessories Shop.

This Premium Kit comes complete with installation instructions and 12 month RELIABLE customer support (& Aussie warranty of course).  A requirement is strong dropouts and rear stays, definately not carbon fibre. The wheel should fit almost all standard bikes without hassles, and mounts for a disc brake rotor are on the motor (though disc brake calipers MAY interfere with rack mounting on some bikes, we can help you if you have any problems like this come up).

If you are local in Melbourne, we can fit this kit for you for $250 if you don't fancy tackling the job yourself.  We can also fit these kits onto virtually any bike (including making a 1000w Fat Bike), and send bikes across Australia.  Call us if you have any questions at all, we promise you won't be disappointed with our service and experience.

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1000w Grunt Kit

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