Brake Cutout Sensors

If you want to run the safety brake cutouts (especially important if using cruise control, or even pedelec), but you don't want to have to change your brake levers over to those normally supplied with e-bike kits, this is the solution.  Stick the sensor to the brake lever housing, and the magnet to the lever itself.  When you pull the brake lever and the magnet moves away from the sensor, all power to the motor will be cut.

These sensors come with plugs to suit our 250w and 500w geared motor kits.

We can fit alternate plugs to suit your system if you need (email pictures of the plug you need, to get a quote).

*** Please note; Price is PER SENSOR, so order 2 if you need one on both brake levers.  Normally one is enough.

Brake Cutout Sensors

Item Price: $16.50

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