rEvva-7 cruiser

These bikes are now unavailable in the shops unfortunately, but we can build up ANY bike into an e-bike, so find your ride and we'll get it REV'd up for you!

This stylish, comfortable and practical rev-bike started life as a Giant Simple 7 cruiser, which can be purchased for $449.  It has a simple twist shifter with seven gears on the rear, which is ample range on an e-bike.  Super comfortable saddle & balloon tyres give a very smooth ride.  In addition to electrifying it, we’ve only changed the handlebars for a better riding position (and awesome retro style), and added a double-leg stand for better stability when parked.


The rEVva7 has been fitted with a road-legal 250w hub motor in the rear (front wheel motor also available, if “2 wheel drive” is preferred), which runs to a top speed of 27km/h.  The nylon-planetary-geared motor is completely freewheeling, giving no resistance to normal pedalling.  This motor provides great low-down torque, for the best assistance climbing hills.  It comes mounted in a high-quality Alex double-wall rim, with strong 12G stainless spokes.


With the pure Pedelec setup, the motor engages automatically when pedalling, using a magnetic sensor fitted to the crank.  You have 5 power levels to choose from on the handlebars, and the motor will not engage if this is set to zero.  Safety brake cut-out levers mean your motor will never operate while the brakes are on.   A throttle (thumb style) can also be mounted, although then it will not be strictly road legal (see the law HERE)



The locking, easily removable rack battery is made from high-quality Samsung Lithium tri-metal (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cells, giving the best weight to power / distance ratio available on the market, with an expected lifespan of 1000+ charge cycles.  On this 36v 14.5ah battery, each charge will give 50-100kms of range under average riding conditions.  Included is a bonus rack bag, with fold-out side pannier bags; highly practical for anything from the Sunday picnic to the daily commute.

 The backlit LCD3 handlebar display fitted here is the new upgraded model, showing the usual features of battery gauge, level of Pedelec assistance, current speed & trip distance, with this model also showing power output (watts) and motor temperature.



Front and rear light are connected which run off the main battery, meaning you will never need to worry about being caught out in the dark.


If you want to cruise in comfort and style, the rEVva7 is an exceptional choice, and extremely good value for a high-quality e-bike.  Sit up and enjoy the scenery, while the motor takes the sting out of the hills.  This is definitely our bike of choice for a REV conversion (but of course don’t forget.. we can convert ANY bike!)

These rEVva7 bikes (like all our complete bike options) are made to order, with turnaround in just a few days usually.  We can freight them Australia wide (not included in standard pricing), or you can arrange your own courier.  Optional upgrades to 500w or 1000w motors are also available, as well as longer-range battery options. 

Call us to discuss your desires, because here at REV-bikes, we strive to exceed your expectations!


rEvva-7 cruiser

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