48v 13.2ah (1000w) Rack Battery

For 1000w or 1500w motors, high discharge current is necessary from the battery, to achieve the amps required by the controller.  These Lithium NMC packs do this well, with a range of 30-60kms per charge (depending how you're riding).  

This chemistry of Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt is the most energy dense, so giving good range without excessive weight.  These packs contain quality Samsung 22P cells, and should provide a lifespan of at least 1000 charge cycles.

Total weight is 6.8kg (including rack).  The rack is strong, adjustable for any wheel size, and practical with its controller box at front and top plate to accomodate a rack bag (we can sell this battery complete with fold-out pannier top bag, for just $40 more).

Comes as standard complete with 2A charger, but BMS is actually capable of max 5amp charge (4amp charger is available for an additional $80).

Call us if you'd like to tweak the order to your requirements.

48v 13.2ah (1000w) Rack Battery

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