REV-Bikes Kit Installations:

The installation is quite simple when it’s broken down into the 3 parts:

1.  The Wheel:

  • Remove old wheel
  • Swap tyre & tube
  • Mount new wheel
  • Check spokes / true
  • Add Torque Bar/s

2.  The Battery:

  • Attach Rack / Bracket
  • Connect plug to motor
  • Slide & lock on battery

3.  The Controls & Connection:

  • Remove handlebar grips
  • Find the best way to mount Throttle, Cruise Control button, & Regen Brake Levers (can sometimes need a new gear shifter to do this, if your brakes & gears are integrated into one unit).

Full detailed instructions (produced by REV, not by some foreign suppliers) are provided with all our kits.  All bikes are different, and newer bikes with many bells and whistles can present the odd barrier to a simple install – a practical problem-solving mind can come in handy, as with any DIY project.  And of course you can call us with any questions.
We always suggest truing the wheel when you mount it, and to ensure your wheel is solid in the forks, Torque Bars are recommended, coming complete with all 1000w+ kits, or available from the accessories shop.
We sometimes run conversion workshops around Melbourne, for those without the required tools or practical skills to embark on a conversion alone.  These sessions will help you have your bike set-up within an afternoon, in most cases.  If this interests you, call us to see if there are any sessions coming up.

Programming Software for Magic Pie 2 & 3 Motors (& Magic controllers)

Programming Software for Magic Pie 4 & 5 Motors

Silicon Chip article - 8 page detailed write-up of a conversion done in 2011.


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