Choosing an e-Bike Conversion Kit

Answering these common questions will assist you to select the right electric bike conversion kit for your needs:

Q 1.  Do you want to ride your bike legally on the road?
A:  Yes, I want it to be the legal 200 watts, with throttle power (so you can still pedal without the motor engaging, and use the throttle as you choose).  Choose a Zoom Kit HERE.
A:  Yes, I want it to be a pedal-assisted 250w set-up (so that when I'm pedalling, the motor will automatically assist me).  Choose a Zoom Kit HERE.
A:  I'd like a small motor that LOOKS road legal, but that can run up to about 500w.  Choose a Smart Kit HERE.
A:  No, I will use my bike for 'off-road' riding. Choose an off-road Grunt Kit HERE.

Q 2. How far do you want to travel between charges (over-estimate if hilly)?
A:  Up to 35 kms – pedalling and/or using throttle. Choose Swift Kit HERE.
A:  Up to 45 kms – pedalling with throttle or auto pedal assist. Choose Zoom Kit HERE.
A:  Up to 35 kms at high speeds, with little pedalling – Choose Grunt Kit HERE.
A:  100+ kms with little pedalling – Choose Smart Triangle Kit HERE.
A:  100 kms at high speed with no pedalling – Choose Grunt Triangle Kit by calling us, *new product*.

Q 3.  Are you interested in the quality and longevity of your battery?
A:  Yes – Choose Zoom, Smart or Grunt Kits with LiFePo4 batteries.
A:  No -   Choose kits with Lithium Ion batteries (shorter life-spans).

Q 4. Would you enjoy extras like cruise control, brake cut-outs, options for electric lights & horn, etc
A:  Yes - Choose a Zoom, Smart or Grunt Kit, with their capability to run many extras through the system, some included.
A:  No - Go for the simplicity of the Swift Kit, which just has the throttle control (twist & thumb styles provided)

Q 5.  Do you want a rack battery behind the seat?
A:  YES - Choose a Zoom Kit, a Swift long-range Kit, or a Grunt Kit
A:  No - If you'd prefer a frame-mounted clip-in battery, choose a Kit with water-bottle style battery.  This is designed to attach simply to the water bottle holder lugs, and will keep the battery weight quite central in the frame.  If you'd rather longer range, try our custom Triangle Batteries.

Q 6.  Do you need some help installing your kit?
A:  YES - I have no idea with electrics or bike maintenance – Choose a REV-Bikes conversion workshop HERE, or check out the Complete Bikes HERE.  We can even custom-build your Dream Electric Bike, check out our Services HERE.
A:  Maybe a little.  Look up the instruction guides HERE, or choose the ultra-simple Swift Kit.
A:  No, I can follow the Instructions & have basic tools - Choose a REV-Bike Kit HERE.


If you are still not sure which kit will best suit you, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, on 03 9024 6653.

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