Rev Bike Motors Win Gold!

The RACV Energy Breakthrough is an annual event for Victorian school groups, where they build a velomobile and race it against other schools in the same class.  Some races are short and others long, some about the sprint and others endurance.

REV-Bikes had 2 of our motors competing in the ensurance event; Seymour College in the Hybrid Pedal-Electric class (using our Zoom Kit), and Holmesglen TAFE in the All-Electric class (using the Magic Pie 3 from the Grunt Kit).  They were both in the 24 hour race, with 8 drivers sharing the fun for each team.

Everyone had a few issues with their vehicles, from broken steering arms to shearing off the whole front wheel with a broken axle.. But our motors soldiered on.  We spoke to some other teams who went through 6 motors in the race due to failures, and our motors showed no sign of giving up the whole way through.

We were extremely impressed with the results..  Both vehicles using our motors won their respective classes, and the Seymour team came third overall (beating most of the petrol powered vehicles - hooray!).

It was our first time at the event, but we are excited about next year, and look forward to assisting more teams to source reliable products which will enable them to be highly competitive, and hopefully make noisy and stinky petrol racing a thing of the past for this event!


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